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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Sermon Rev. Ryo Kasama October 25, 2020
"Creator and I" Proverbs 8: 22-31

The liturgical color in front of the pulpit changed from red until last week to green. The longest advent of the Holy Spirit since Pentecost is over, and it will change from today to the Lord's Day before the birth. There, it changed from red, which represents the Holy Spirit, to green, which represents life. It will be a green liturgical color for about a month from now on.
Currently, the sermon part is selected from the cult's daily routine of the Bible, but this is also a little adapted to the Lord's Day before the birth. Specifically, for the next month or so, it will be from the passage from the Old Testament that prophesied about Jesus himself.
The Bible consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The New Testament speaks about Jesus, but the Old Testament is the same as the Jewish scriptures, so it can be called the Jewish Bible. So why is the Old Testament important?
The important point of the Old Testament is that this is also a book that talks about Jesus. At the time the Old Testament was written, Jesus was not born yet, so it is depicted as a prophecy that such a person will be born.
It is said that the messiah is spoken there. The Messiah is a Hebrew word meaning savior, so it is literally a person who saves the world.
At the time of the Old Testament, the Messiah is the one who will be born in the future. Therefore, it should be a future story, but in fact, it also contains a past story. The existence of the Messiah will be born as a human being in the future, but it is invisible, but it is said that he will always exist with God. It was thought that the Messiah was born before the birth of mankind, created the earth with God, and then came to the earth when the time came.
The same thing is written in the New Testament. It is also written at the very beginning of the Gospel of John, who had been teaching lectures until the other day. In John 1: 1-5, it says: "In the beginning there was a word. The word was with God. The word was God. This word was with God at the beginning. Everything was made of words. It was made, not by words. Nothing was made. There was life in the word. Life was the light that illuminates humans. The light is shining in the darkness. The darkness did not understand the light. "First here It is said that it was the word that was with God, and that it was Jesus that took the form of the flesh.
Today's Bible passage is Proverbs, but something similar is written here as well.
Actually, today's passage of the Bible was read from verse 22, but it doesn't make sense unless you know who the subject "I" is written here. It only makes sense to go back and read verse one.
It says, "Wisdom is calling / wisdom is speaking out." In fact, it is said that today's passage of the Bible speaks not of people, but of the wisdom that God first created.
Then it makes sense. That is, the first 22 verses also said, "The Lord made me at the beginning of the way. Even before the ancient works." It is said that it was wisdom that God created before everything.
The thing that was born before everything, it is "word" in the Gospel of John, and it is "wisdom" in today's Proverbs, but both refer to the same existence. At the very beginning of Genesis, God said "light that", but the world will be created as soon as that word is spoken. Therefore, you can see that it was the words that created the world with God. At the same time, that word was also the wisdom of God.
Through today's passage of the Bible, that wisdom speaks of its own deeds. For example, in verse twenty-two, it says, "The Lord made me at the beginning of the road. Even before the ancient work." He says that wisdom was created prior to everything. In verse thirty, "In the presence of me, I will be a skillful person / a person who will entertain the Lord every day / I will constantly play music in the presence of the Lord," and now that wisdom is under God. It is shown that you are.
And the words in verse 31 are impressive. "Play with the people of this earth made by the Lord / enjoy with the children of man." This is a warning that "I will go to you soon," and this is the messiah to come. It is a word that predicts the arrival of.
When the Messiah came to this world, the world would be saved and the Son of God would rule this world. It is the connection between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the earth, which is the most pleasing time for humans. That's what is said in today's passage of the Bible.
It was Jesus who came according to the prophecy. Therefore, it can be said that this part was the part that Jesus spoke before he was born.
However, there is a slight difference between the prophecies written in the Old Testament and the figure of Jesus that we know. The Messiah, awaited in the Old Testament, was understood to be an immortal being, to become the king of Israel and to lead Israel to rule the world. The Messiah is considered above all for the Israelites.
However, Jesus who actually came to the world did not come for Israel. The phrase "play music with the earthly people made by the Lord / enjoy with the sons of man" in verse thirty-one does not only refer to the Israelites, but to save all the people of the world. The difference is that it was done.
one more. Another understanding is that Jesus did not come as a king, but to sacrifice himself. Jesus left without actually governing this world. Therefore, the point of "living and governing forever" is very different.
Looking at the Old Testament, the Messiah is the king who rules this world forever, but the actual Jesus lost his life on the cross. However, after being resurrected and ascending to heaven, by giving the Holy Spirit to people, they will always become familiar with people. In the sense that he is always with someone who believes in Jesus, it can be said that Jesus has already ruled the world.
It is a word that refers to us who are already with Jesus now.
Jesus still governs this world. It is the one who is close to our hearts and walks with us. Let's spend a new week thinking of the happiness of walking with God.
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