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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Sermon Rev. Ryo Kasama, December 6, 2020
"When the Lord Comes" Isaiah Chapter 59, verses 12 to 20

Today, two candles are lit and the second week of Advent has arrived. Last week we were able to decorate with your help. Thanks to everyone, the Christmas tree in front of the church was finally decorated this year. Thank you.
For us, the image of Christmas is a day to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but from the general image, the person associated with it is Santa Claus, not Jesus.
By the way, Santa Claus actually exists and has an office in Finland to give children dreams. There was a corona this year, and when I searched the internet for what happened to Santa Claus, the office said that Christmas itself would not be canceled. However, it seems that the annual dispatch of Santa Claus to countries around the world will be canceled this year, and unfortunately the official Santa Claus cannot come.
It is a gift that Santa Claus brings to children all over the world. It's not a mistake in the Bible to get a present for Christmas. However, physical gifts such as food and money are not given, and it is not Santa Claus who gives them.
It is Jesus who gives us. And what gives us is life. For us, that is something that we can take more firmly.
The life that Jesus gives is different from the life that we consume in this world. When we are born in the world, we are given our own lives, which are eventually consumed and disappear with life.
On the other hand, what Jesus gives us is eternal life that never decays. We who know Jesus are receiving the life that Jesus gives us at the same time as the life that is consumed by ourselves. It can be said that we can live a fulfilling life in this world by the amount of the given life, and even if we lose the life in this world, we are given a life that will not disappear, so eventually eternal life By believing that you will be given, you will be grateful for being more alive.
As I said earlier from the conclusion, the celebration of Christmas means gratitude for the life given by Jesus. Thank you for giving me a life. That is Christmas thanks.
It was God who gave Jesus to this world, but there is a history before God gives Jesus to the earth.
Looking at the Old Testament, the first relationship between God and people is from the Garden of Eden. There, the first people, Adam and Eve, betrayed God, but when they betrayed, an evil heart entered the human heart. This has separated people from God. In fact, the kingdom of God is a place where only those who have no sin in their hearts can enter, and eternal life is something that only those who have no sin can receive. Sinful things are places that cannot be entered.
If you say that there was a person who had no sin on this earth, he was not alone. No matter how good the behavior is and there is a person like a saint prince, that person is still guilty. Because Adam's sin was inherited by his offspring. Of course we are the same.
Then it is said that no one entered the kingdom of God, but that is not the case. When you read the Bible, there is a description that a person who was once alive will fall from heaven, certainly used by God. The reason is that I could have gone if God would bring me directly to the kingdom of God. People cannot be on their own in the kingdom of God. However, you will be able to enter the kingdom of God only when God directly raises you. The Old Testament reports that there were some who entered the kingdom of God in that way.
In other words, if God forgives sins, sinful humans will be able to enter the kingdom of God and receive eternal life. That part that God forgives is important.
Looking at today's passage of the Bible, from verses 12 to 15, it is said that all human beings on earth were in sin and were far away from God. Reading verse fifteen, it says, "The truth is lost, and those who avoid evil are taken away. The Lord saw that justice was not done. It was seen as evil in the eyes of the Lord." It means that all the people are considered evil in the eyes of God.
It is said that the reason is that he has forgotten his connection with God and has come to live on his own.
It is drawn that we need someone to lead such people back to God. Looking at verse sixteen, he said, "I was surprised to see that there was no one in the Lord / no one to intercede. His salvation is by His arms / It is the work of His grace to support him . ". People are stained with evil because there is no connection between God and people. It is said that he thought that he needed a person to lead people to God. Rather, it was thought that the time had come. That is why it was promised here to bring down the person who acts as an intermediary between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of man.
According to that promise, Jesus came to the world. Jesus came to this world to connect the world of man and the kingdom of God. Jesus has two missions. One is to create a way for us to enter the kingdom of God. That is the cross of Jesus. Jesus forgave the sins of all by carrying the sins of all on his own and sacrificing them. The sin of a person cannot be erased. However, he was qualified to be welcomed into the kingdom of heaven as being forgiven by Jesus' forgiveness.
And the other was to tell how to enter the kingdom of heaven. It is to accept the Holy Spirit given by God with your heart. When we truly believe in Jesus, God gives us the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enters our hearts and connects with our souls. There we can receive new life.
Verse 20 says, "The Lord will come to Zion as a redeemer. He will come to the one who repents of Jacob's sins, and the Lord says." Jesus goes down to this earth to take people to the kingdom of God.
The gift given by Jesus was given life by God and saved me. Thank you for that and let's celebrate Christmas.
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