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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Preacher Pastor Ryo, December 1, 2019
“Time comes” 1 Kings chapter 22 verses 6-17

”Advent will start today. Every year from the Christmas service, we will be ready for Christmas for four weeks. The liturgical color in front of the platform has also changed to purple indicating the king from today, and a candle is lit in the crants next to the platform. You are ready to greet Christmas.
So, when I wait for the birth of Jesus, I stay away from the usual Gospel preaching by John during the Advent period and follow the Bible daily routine of the Christian Church of Japan.
And today we were given 22 chapters of the Kings. To explain this background a little, at this time Israel was divided into two countries, North and South. The northern kingdom is called Israel, and the southern kingdom is called the kingdom of Judah. Each had a king, and they were in different countries. At this time, King Ahab of the northern kingdom and King Jehoshaphat of the southern kingdom formed an alliance to attack the country called Aram, the neighboring country.
However, according to the Bible, King Ahab of the Northern Kingdom forgot God and believed in God, Baal, who was popular in the Middle East at that time. The king of Israel, the king of Israel, is a figure drawn as a person who betrayed God. When I told the king why the people followed, it was actually a time when Israel had a lot of money and trade. Ahab was the king who abandoned his faith to make money.
The content of today's Bible is that Joshaphat, the king of the southern kingdom, came to the operation meeting under Ahab in the northern kingdom.
And first we asked 400 words of the prophets to listen to the words of God. This is written in verse six: "The king of Israel summoned about four hundred prophets and asked," I should go to Ramoth-gilead or fight or refrain " . They replied, "Go up. The Lord will give this to the king's hand." " There are usually only one or two prophets at a time, so 400 is too many. In fact, these 400 people were not those who were written in the Old Testament, that is, those who served the God of Baal, not the Father of Jesus. Rather it is a priest rather than a prophet. Ahab called them and heard the word of God. Their answers are written in verse six. “Please go up. The Lord will give you this in the hands of the king.”
ア Ahab in the northern kingdom was delighted because it was the belief of God Baal, but Jehoshaphat in the southern kingdom was not. Because he believed in the traditional God from Abraham. This is the god who protects Israel and Judea and could not believe any other god. So in verse 7, it says, "Is there no other prophet of the Lord that we can ask?" Since I believe in only one God, Jehoshaphat's attitude is not to hear what the pagan gods say.
So actually there was a prophet in the northern kingdom alone. A person named Mikaya. He is a person who has received words from a decent God. He is a person hated by Ahab. Because the king of Israel, the descendant of God's people, believes in other gods. So every time Mikaya speaks to Ahab in the words of God. Because he is a real prophet, he cannot execute Mikaya, but Ahab kept him away because he was annoying.
So I called Mikaya, but Ahab's vassal told me to say the same thing to Mikaya as other Baal prophets.
So, as described in verse 15, Mikaya first replied, "Go up and get a victory. The Lord will give you the enemy in the hands of the king." I'm telling you what I was told. But the word may not have been filled with sincerity. On the contrary, this answer made the king feel bad. I've been talking about things that make my ears hurt so far. And Mikaya finally tells the true prophecy. That is the verse 17 word. “I saw that all the Israelites were scattered in the mountains like sheep without a shepherd. The Lord said, 'They have no master. Let them all safely return to their homes.' This is the message from God.
This word should stop this battle. If you do, you will suffer a painful defeat and the people will suffer very hard.
-Since it was already decided to fight, Mikaya's words would not be heard and a war would occur, but King Ahab would die.
It may seem strange that this Bible passage was chosen at the beginning of the congratulations Advent, but let's take a look at the last prophetic of Mikaya.
Here Micaya says, "I saw all the Israelites scattered in the mountains like sheep without a shepherd," but when I read the Bible a lot, this word I have heard of it. In fact, this passage is written at 6:34 in the New Testament Mark Gospel: “Jesus rose from the boat, saw many crowds, deeply mercilessly looked like a sheep without an owner, and began to teach various things. "Is quoted where it is written. Because the Jews who lived in Galilee looked too lonely.
The people who abandoned God to enrich the country suffered a painful defeat and became poor. At that time, when they are faced with the fact that nothing remains in their hands, they are wondering what to do next.
“The loneliness that people feel is that they do not know what to do. When people are not sure what to do, people are very anxious and people always look for a place to stay. In other words, it is a life challenge to fill a gap in your heart.
る も の There will be various things that will fill in our lifetime. It's not just work, friends, family, money or status depending on the person. I will fill my heart with various things. However, depending on whether you have something at the heart of it, you can make a big difference in your life. If you have something that fills your heart and never disappears, that will enrich your life.
However, believers know. That there is a person who fills our hearts the most.
】 Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus, but the advent before that is when Jesus is in the absence. At this time, it is time to prepare to welcome Jesus from the bottom of my heart. Here, the “sheep without a shepherd” refers to the thoughts of the believers when Jesus is not, or to be exact, to all who do not know Jesus.
In this world, Jesus is at the center of satisfying a lost heart. We believe that those who have discovered Jesus Christ in their hearts will be tried. That is why we keep telling about Jesus. That is the role of the church. To know Jesus is to have light in your heart. Christmas is a day to rejoice that the light has come to this world. Let's joy together.
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