Worship sermon

Tokyo Kalbarri Church Preaching Pastor Ryo Kasama, June 28, 2022
"David's Prophecy" Acts 2: 29-36

First of all, apologize. In last week's weekly report, today's passage of the Bible says Acts 2: 29-38, but it was a mistake in verse 36. excuse me.
It seems that the Korona-ka has subsided a little, and even at this Tokyo Kalbarri Church, worship has been singing all hymns and performing communion ceremonies since June. This is true not only in this church, but in general as well. In June, there were quite a lot of people going out and people coming to the church. I feel that it is returning to normal. It seems that the number of infected people is increasing a little now, so don't be too optimistic.
However, I am very happy to finally be able to talk face-to-face with various people. Talking to people is important, and talking to people can lead to new ways of thinking and discoveries. This is very thankful.
I talked with some people in June, but there were some common topics.
It is who really trusts. Mysteriously, I was talking about this topic with the people who talked to me during this time.
It is wonderful to be able to meet someone you can trust in your life. However, it is certain that it will be a problem if the credit goes too far. Because this person is a wonderful person and can be trusted, everything he says is correct, and when it comes to living for this person, it's no longer a new religion, a cult. .. To trust a person, it is important to maintain a reasonable sense of distance only in a specific field.
As long as it is a person, no matter how much you trust it, there is no one who will never betray you. If you get sick or get injured, you won't be able to respond. If anyone can be absolutely trusted, it is a non-human being. It is the closest thing to us believers. In that sense, I was talking about the importance of having faith. If you trust God, not people, you will not betrayed, which leads to the strength of the believer. To have an existence that cannot be betrayed. It is also the strength of having faith.
Not limited to Christianity, if it is a traditional religion, it is common to always believe in a much larger existence than human beings. By the way, for Jews, if you say who is the most credible being, it is definitely God, but at the same time, God is the one who judges, so if you do something wrong, God will not be kind to you. .. Rather, it was considered a terrifying being to punish.
For such Jews, the past person recognized by God is the most reliable model.
I think it was Abraham who was most faithful to God and recognized by God, but Abraham himself did not write anything down, so it is not helpful. In that case, those who are loved by God and who have written down their faith will be most respected.
In that sense, there is one person who fits perfectly. That is David. David is known in the books of Samuel as the boy who defeated the giant Goliath, and some may recall the famous statue of Michelangelo's David. He has a strong image of his childhood, but rather he does more important things when he grows up. Exactly this person is a real hero, a poet as well as a king of unified Israel, and has left many poems. Many of David's poems are included in the psalms we read every week. The poem contains the meaning of believing in God and the wisdom of what we should do to be loved by God. Therefore, the later Jews valued David's poetry very much.
Petro quotes from verse 31 onwards is one of the poems written by David. Psalm 16: The words of verses 10 and 11. Quoting the words of the Psalm, "You will teach the way of life without giving my soul to the underworld / without letting those who live in your mercy see the grave. I look to your face. I am satisfied with it, and I am celebrating joy / I will receive eternal joy from my right hand. " If you read it honestly, it means that a person who is loved by God will not die unreasonably. It is characteristic that Petro interprets the word "path of life" as meaning eternal life and applies it to Jesus. It means that Jesus, the Son of God, knew that he would be resurrected from the beginning.
Next, there is a quote in verse 34, which is also from David's poem, Psalm 110. Originally, I talked about the country of Israel, which fights against the nations of the earth, especially its king, but this is also written as Jesus, not the king of the earth, governing the whole earth.
Through this, Petro interprets that David has already been told by God about the upcoming Messiah, and he is singing it in poetry.
It is the minister's job to read the Bible and interpret it from there. This is to convey the Bible to everyone who is listening in an easy-to-understand manner, but the Bible can be interpreted in many ways, and even with regard to these Psalms 16 and 110, Jesus The interpretation has changed completely before and after birth. The appearance of Peter who chooses it properly and talks on the premise of Jesus has a magnificent presence like the first pastor.
If you talk about the Old Testament on the premise of the existence of Jesus, you will often find that you could not understand it at all just by reading it as it is. Inspired by God, David probably thought he had written these poems for the upcoming Messiah. In this case, David becomes a prophet.
Peter's sermon here pierced the hearts of the Jews by talking about David's unprecedented thoughts. When you can understand through Jesus what you did not understand until now. And that the most respected being, David, knew about Jesus.
Here they understood who they really should be. A person who should believe more than David they knew so far, and a person who leads to salvation that they did not know before. They understood that it was Jesus. It seems that Peter's sermon here was a wonderful one that pierced the hearts of the Jews.
As I said at the beginning, believing in Jesus for us means having something in our hearts that will never betray us. So to speak, it is the foundation of the heart. As long as we have this, we can walk forward firmly.
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