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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Sermon Rev. Ryo Kasama, January 17, 2021
"Vocation of disciples" Matthew's Gospel 4: 18-25

The first board meeting of the new year was held last week, and I have made two decisions during that meeting. One is to start a series of sermons again from the end of January. In continuous lecture commentary, one book of the Bible is used as a sermon in order, and I was studying the Gospel of John until last year, but recently I have taken it from the religious routine of the cult. I decided to start it again. This time I will study letters to the Romans.
The other was to postpone the proof scheduled for February. The materials for this year's general meeting also stated that worship would incorporate a testimony, and although it was planned to do so, it was decided to stop doing it under a state of emergency. I will think again when the current situation is over.
The testimony is important for knowing the faith. Each person has a different encounter with God, and each person has a different form of faith. By listening to people's beliefs, I wonder if there is a way to say this because there are many ways to live a religious life.
Each person has a different form of faith. It is because each person has a different way of meeting and understanding God, and each person has a different understanding of God, so there are various forms of faith. However, I can say without a doubt that in faith, it is important for you to reach out and grab Jesus' hand.
The person who grasped that faith appears in today's passage of the Bible. Today's passage of scripture is where Jesus makes his first disciple.
The story is that when Jesus was walking along the shores of the Sea of ​​Galilee, there were two fishermen, and when he called out to them, he followed them, first Simon and Andrew, then James and John. It will be a scene where two brothers were immediately made disciples.
The drawing is really light. Looking at verses 19 and 20 about Simon and Andrew, who first spoke to him, he said, "Follow me. Let's be a fisherman who takes humans." The two immediately abandoned the net and obeyed. "It is drawn very easily.
It was so light that at first glance it seemed like you might even think that you were talking to someone who had a proper eye on you.
If Jesus was an ordinary person, it might have been appropriate to choose a disciple. However, in the case of Jesus, he is the one who sees everything. In other words, they all know what will happen in the future and what they will do.
Simon, who seemed to speak out properly, later became the name Petro, and later became a great person who laid the foundation for Christianity. If you think that you called out after knowing that, you can see that this seemingly appropriate act would have been properly selected and called out if it was left to this person. I knew that I could meet him if I went here at this time, so I could meet him.
On the other hand, for Simon, you may have thought that this was a coincidence. Someone who didn't understand something suddenly called out and said, "Follow me. Let's be a fisherman who takes humans." An ordinary person would have been more likely to ignore the statement, thinking that he was a dangerous person. However, Simon listened to Jesus and decided to follow him on the spot. Because of that kind of person, Jesus might have called out to Simon, but Simon also received Jesus' words and made a firm decision in this short time. I think Jesus knew this too.
Even in this short exchange, you can see that Simon is reaching out to Jesus. It was not that Jesus chose and pulled it properly. During this time, there is a proper exchange that Simon responds to Jesus' offer. It depicts the encounters and understandings that would normally take time, and the diving as a believer all happened in an instant.
The important thing here is the order in which you reach out. Jesus first called out to Simon, and the counseling responded to it, but the order is important.
The encounter with Jesus is always the case. I'm reaching out from Jesus. The important thing for us is whether or not we notice the hand. I am fortunate to have noticed. And there you reach out and get caught in the already stretched hand. This is the beginning of faith.
At first glance it may seem the opposite. There are many values ​​in the world, and there is freedom of religion, so one might think that one would choose and believe in God. In this case, it feels like you are approaching God from the person and choosing God. In this case, we think that people are the main actors in faith. The faith that the general public thinks may be close to that feeling.
However, in Christianity, the opposite is true. I think Jesus has already reached out to me. It speaks to me through the Bible or through worship. It can be said that the beginning of faith is to notice that. Therefore, we did not choose Jesus. Jesus chose me. This is what John said in Gospel 15:16 to his disciples, "You did not choose me. I chose you. You went out and the truth I have appointed you so that the fruit may remain, and that in my name I may give whatever I wish to my Father. " But the same is true for us.
Jesus, who is omnipotent and omnipotent, has already seen me from the time I was born and has been waiting for me to notice him. When you have faith, you know that the relationship between Jesus and yourself did not start from the day you knew Jesus, but that the relationship had already started before that. That relationship will continue until we go to heaven.
I talked about testimony first, but this is important for testimony. It is a testimony to say that I am here because I was chosen by God. Certainly we are inadequate, weak and will not live up to God's expectations. God chose me who doesn't have that kind of power. It can be said that it is faith to know that, and it is proof to talk about it. It has been postponed for a while, but I hope this church can do it.
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