Worship sermon

Reverend Kasama Ryo, Tokyo Calvary Church Preacher August 9, 2020
"Establishment of the Lord's Supper" 1 Letter to Corinthians 11:23-29

According to the Bible daily routine given by the Christian Church of Japan, today's worship passages are from 11:23 verses of 1 Corinthians. This passage is probably the most read Bible passage, except for Matthew 6:9 and below, which is the source of the Lord's prayer. I read this passage once a month in this church.
 This is the word for establishing the sacrament ceremony, and it is always the place where the sacrament executor reads when conducting the sacrament ceremony. Unlike the prayer of the Lord I mentioned earlier, I read the Bible itself completely, so this passage will be the most read Bible.
Speaking of the sacrament, due to the spread of the new coronavirus this year, we have stopped the sacrament from April to prevent contact. It should be done once a month, but it's painful not to be able to do it, but it is because of your health first. Please wait a little longer.
The sacrament ceremony is important and necessary for worship. There are many other things you need to worship, but do you know what this is indispensable?
 This answer is different between Catholic and Protestant. First of all, let us consider the Protestant people.
For us, worship is a place of God and our response. So listening to God's voice and expressing our faith. If these two are well done, worship will be established. To be specific, worship is established by reading the Bible and making a confession of faith. If you look at the weekly report, you will find items called "Bible" and "Apostolic Creed." These two are the center of worship. At a minimum, you can finish the worship in less than 10 minutes.
Now, what about the sacrament ceremony? I do the sacrament ceremony on a regular basis, but in many churches once a month, even if it is less than that, there is no problem as a worship service. "Bible" "Apostolic creed" Sometimes "sacrament" will be the center of worship.
On the other hand, worship at the Catholic Church is centered on the sacrament ceremony. The idea is that there is a sacred sacred field in Saiki, and there is worship to perform the sacrament. The purpose of the Mass is to receive the sacrament, so if you remove it, it will not be a worship service. In Catholic masses, the minimum worship service is communion, or Catholic speaking, communion.
 When I say why the two churches made such a difference, this difference is how to think about the bread used in the sacrament ceremony.
According to the Catholic Church's belief that bread called the sacrament's Eucharist is transformed into the body of Christ by receiving the blessings of the priest. The sacrament is literally considered to be the body of Jesus. Since the Eucharist is the body of Jesus itself, you must not leave it outside the church, let alone throw it away. The Eucharist is literally sacred.
On the other hand, in the Protestant church, the sacrament bread is a symbol of Jesus' body. It's hard to tell apart, but the bread we have is just bread. But this is a special kind of bread that you eat by thinking of Jesus. Should I say the Holy Spirit to eat, if I say it forcefully? Certainly important, but not as sacred as Catholic thinking.
 This difference is the difference in the way of understanding the words “This is my body for you. Do it this way as a memorial to me” written in verse 24 today.
 The first sacrament was to reproduce what was being done at the seat of the last supper, the day before Jesus' cross. On that day, Jesus had a meal together as a farewell party with his disciples, and at that time, Jesus called the bread he had given to them as his body.
Then, why did it need to be my body? This relates to the cross that Jesus will take the next day. When Jesus hangs on the cross, human sins are erased, but at the same time, we forgive others. As a result of the visible capture of the salvation Jesus gave to humans there, it becomes the sacrament bread.
The sacrament ceremony is held to commemorate the cross. In Catholicism, the word that Jesus called bread "my body" at the last supper was taken literally in Catholicism. By receiving the blessing of Jesus, I think that a miracle occurred and bread changed into Jesus' body. By seeing and receiving the miracle that occurs during worship, we are putting it in our body. It is Catholic's idea to experience a miracle on the sacrament journey.
On the other hand, in the case of Protestant churches, the bread Jesus gave is a symbol of forgiveness. We do not say that we are forgiven because we have received this, but we always ask Jesus to forgive us. I think that the sacrament is the symbol. It does not mean that you cannot be saved because you have received the sacrament or you cannot save it.
We are always given the Holy Spirit from Jesus. However, since the Holy Spirit is invisible, it is sometimes hard to feel it, so it is safe to think that the savory bread and wine are visibly visible. Let's
Then, the important thing is in verse 26. "So every time you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until the time of the Lord's coming." Do you really feel that you are saved by the cross? Is being asked. The sacrament allows one to consider the meaning of receiving the sacrament.
And we think that it is the mission of the church to tell people about it.
If you accept the Spirit of Jesus, that alone will make us a saved being. And one is needed to accept the spirit. To love Jesus. To put it more simply, if you think "Thank you Jesus", that is all you need. According to verse twenty-seven, "Thus, anyone who eats or drinks the cup of the Lord unfitly will sin against the body and blood of the Lord." The only thing that is appropriate to receive is that you are thankful.
 Christian faith is not difficult. I just have a heart to thank God.
At the Protestant Church, the sacrament ceremony is just to confirm that, and it is the mission of the church to convey its heart to the world.
The sacrament ceremony is important. I will never ignore it, and I will continue to value it. Please pray for the sacrament of this church or visiting sacrament as soon as possible.
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