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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Preaching Pastor Kasama Ryo Kasama January 23, 2022
"Wearing the Armor of Light" Letter to the Romans 13: 11-14

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus had been steadily decreasing by the end of last year, but it has increased at a stretch in the last two weeks. Priority measures such as prevention of spread have been announced again, and it is a return to a crippled life. However, we cannot ignore the disaster in front of us, so the tea party after the reopened worship service will be canceled for a while. Branch wards and other meetings have also been canceled or postponed. Even if you do it, it's all online. I feel unpleasant because I can't do what I should have done.
In this era, people tend to be shut up, so it's easy to think that bad things tend to accumulate in your heart. The pressure coming from the outside puts pressure on your heart.
Psychologically speaking, a person's mind is stronger than expected, but even so, if stress is continuously applied, the mind will change badly.
Therefore, it is better not to receive excessive stress for a long period of time, but that is not the case, so it is important to build a mind that can withstand stress. However, in reality, it is difficult to understand how to make such a strong heart.
Actually, people have long had something important to create a mind that can withstand such stress. That is religion. Christianity is at the forefront, but all traditional religions that have been around for a long time always have a program that reinforces them. Since ancient times, there has been an aspect of inheriting faith as a way to protect yourself from strong stress.
Faith is also a silver bullet that strengthens the mind.
Let's read today's passage of the Bible. First, in the passage, "Moreover, you know what time it is. It is already time for you to wake up from sleep. Now, when we enter into faith. Rather than because salvation is approaching. " There are two interpretations of this. One is that the end is near, so those who are now awakened to faith must be prepared. At the time of Paul's activities, many people thought that the end would come only a few years later, and it is said that the explosive increase in Christianity was due to the sense of crisis. Salvation in Christianity is by believing in God from the bottom of our hearts. That's all you need to prepare, but by preparing it well, you will always be ready for the end. Therefore, with the end in mind, you will be nervous and live.
The other is the idea of ​​thinking that the word "wake up from sleep" is the word to wake up to faith. In this case, it is the interpretation that the time when you meet God and accept your faith is the time of awakening, regardless of the times. By entering into faith, he says that he is approaching salvation. In this case, the end is not so conscious. Rather, this interpretation means believing in the grace of enduring the present pain.
Both are important as an idea to live tensely so that the end may come, and to have a heart that can withstand the stress and pressure that is being given, but now Christianity When you think about it, the second interpretation is more common. In other words, as long as we live, we are constantly feeling stressed, but believing in God means that we are empowered to withstand that stress.
The next verse 12 says, "The night is late and the day is approaching. Therefore, let's take off the deeds of darkness and wear the armor of light." Believing in God is to wear the armor of light.
When we talk about armor, we tend to be aware of the sword for attacking, but we should think of armor here as protecting ourselves. You say you have armor that protects you from all kinds of attacks. Believing in God means that you have the armor.
In the next thirteenth verse, the power of darkness is written, but it means to take yourself away from the darkness in order to wear the armor of light. The darkness is written as "Sake party and drunkenness, nasty and lustful". Darkness means that not only does it come from the outside, but it can also be called in by people. Taking alcohol as an example, drinking alcohol is not a problem, but if you lose your reason by getting drunk violently, you will behave in a way that hurt people. It is far from the act of love. Not to mention nasty and amorous, all of this means that one loses reason.
There is an important part of maintaining faith. Believe in God from the bottom of your heart without losing yourself. This is for wearing the armor of light.
Furthermore, in verse fourteen, "Wear the Lord Jesus Christ. Do not use your heart for the flesh to satisfy your desires." Therefore, do not leave yourself to the desires of the body. Hmm. It will be that.
Christianity does not say much about abstinence, that is, suppressing greed, compared to other religions, but here it says that we should not leave ourselves to the desire to lose ourselves. Losing reason is an act of inviting darkness on your own. In a sense, it may have stopped the feeling of religious ecstasy. If you lose your reason too much to love God, you will be overwhelmed.
Darkness includes those that force you to wrap yourself from the outside and those that you call in on the contrary. To counter it, it is important to accept God in your heart. A heart that loves God means that you need a calm heart.
We sometimes try to escape from suffering by losing reason when we are suffering. Sometimes life may need it. But before you fall into that, you should also be aware that God has entrusted you with something even more important.
We are given the Holy Spirit. It is an important thing that God puts his energy into me. It is important to prepare your heart so that you can accept the power of God in your heart.
Believing in God without losing yourself is the strongest armor. On top of that, we can withstand attacks from the darkness. You can fight the darkness. God gives us that power. Let's believe that.
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