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Tokyo Kalbarri Church Sermon Rev. Ryo Kasama, October 17, 2021
"The Chosen" Roman Epistle to the Romans 11: 1-10

We performed a bone-laying ceremony after worship last week. Originally, I would like to go to the church graveyard and hold a bone-laying ceremony there, but due to the current situation of corona, I decided to receive the bones at the church and store them until they are stored in the grave. The bones are placed in the preparation room.
The view of life and death is different between Japanese Buddhism and Christianity, and in the case of Buddhism, people on earth must send the dead until they go to the equinoctial week, but in the case of Christianity, the life on earth ends. It is said that he goes to God while he sleeps. Therefore, those who have already died have been transformed into God's people.
There is a place where we will soon be. At this time, we are all inhabitants of the kingdom of God, transcending national borders and ethnic ties.
During our lives, we combine ourselves as citizens of the country to which we belong and ourselves as the people of the kingdom of God, so to speak, we have dual nationality. Eventually, you will become a resident of the kingdom of heaven, but being a citizen of the land of the earth will inevitably follow you in living on the earth.
In Christianity, there is no such thing as the people of any country being close to salvation or being loved by God, and I know that anyone who believes in God can be a resident of the kingdom of God without discrimination. It was completely different in Judaism. For them, they needed to be the people chosen by God to be inhabitants of the kingdom of God.
That was the people of Israel.
By the way, when I preach, I use Jews and Israelis in mind. Do you guys see the difference between the two?
Both Israel and Judas were originally human names. According to the Old Testament, it is the descendants of Abraham who are in salvation as God's people. The name of Abraham's grandson is Israel, and the descendants of Israel are Israelites. And they are in salvation.
On the other hand, they are Jews, but they have twelve sons of Israel, and they became the ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of them is Judas, whose descendants are called Jews.
Therefore, both Israelis and Jews are members of God's people in the Old Testament, and so is God who believes. By the way, in the case of Jesus, his father Joseph is Jewish, so Jesus is also Jewish. On the other hand, Paul, a letter writer, is from the genus Benjamin, so he is considered an Israeli rather than a Jew. The first passage of today's passage of scripture clearly states, "I am also an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, and a member of the Tribe of Benjamin." So, to be precise, Paul is not a Jew but an Israeli.
Paul was proud to be an Israeli. Israel is a nation loved by God, and living in a way that suits God was his greatest purpose. Therefore, Paul once violently opposed the Christian teaching that all people would be saved and attacked Christianity. Because the God who chose Israel is right, he seriously thought that it was for God to eliminate wickedness like Christianity.
However, after Paul met Jesus and was converted, he knew what God's true thoughts were. It is the fact that God's people are all who believe in Jesus. The Israelites, formerly known as God's people, cannot survive as God's people without changing their mindset.
What is written after verse three is what is written in Chapter 19 of the Old Testament books of Kings, but even if Israel, the people of God, is destroyed, God will save those who should be saved. This is the part that shows that it is prepared properly. God's people will surely appear by the grace of God. Salvation is not limited to Israel, because God's people are always created if God so desires.
In verse six, "If it is due to grace, it does not depend on what you do. If not, grace is no longer grace." But God chooses a person who will be saved by grace. .. It does not mean doing the right thing or giving priority to those who serve God. God saves those who choose by grace.
Salvation is not done by deeds, but by God's choice. Then you may not know how to be saved. So who is the one God chose in the New Testament era?
It was chosen by Jesus. To be precise, it should be said that Jesus chose everyone in the world by abandoning his own life. At the cost of Jesus' life, God's choice has come to be directed toward all.
It's a very simple story. Through the cross of Jesus, the people chosen by God are all people. Everyone is happy to be chosen. However, there is something important for those who know that they have been chosen.
It is written in verse seven. "Then what about? Israel did not get what it wanted, and the chosen one got it. The others were hardened." The reason Israel is not saved is not to admit Jesus. In other words, he is hostile to God. In other words, denying Jesus goes away from salvation. To put it the other way around, it means that those who accept Jesus and believe in it will be saved. In other words, there is only one thing we have to do. Believe that Jesus saved me.
If it can be done, anyone will be saved. What is waiting there is a world that transcends all races and is all equal.
Faith is really simple to believe in Jesus. That's exactly what Paul is telling us repeatedly. In verse ten, "Make their eyes blind and invisible. Keep their backs bent at all times." , The church exists.
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